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ETFE Films provide exceptional properties, including transparency, durability, anti-fouling, release, tensile strength, elongation and temperature resistance. Airtech ETFE films are used for a wide range of applications such as: Architectural tensile structures, Solar cells, Agriculture greenhouses, 3D Print, molding release films and Anti-graffiti protection.

Features & Benefits

Low Density and High Mechanical Strength​

  • Light weight replacement for glass for architectural applications & Greenhouses, reduces the ​weight and cost of supporting structures.​
  • Stiffer and better creep resistance than other fluoropolymers, enables use for tensile structures.​
  • Strength enables thinner gauge use for release films, reducing cost​.

High Visible Light Transmission

  • Light transmission >94% and Haze <5%​​.
  • High light transmission including UV, allows for healthy plant growth in greenhouses and​ healthy grass growth under roof structures​.

UV stable

  • Resistance to UV supports excellent outdoor weatherability and long life
  • Transmits UV light without degradation of ETFE properties

Wide use temperature​

  • Temperature range from -200°C (-328°F) to 165°C (330°F) suitable for wide range of applications.
  • Maintains properties through temperature range and can be heat seamed.

Non-Stick Surface​

  • Excellent outdoor weatherability, dust or dirt that lands on ETFE is washed away by rainwater​
  • Superior release properties off common resin systems for easier moulding processes.​

Chemically Inert & radiation resistant​

  • Excellent chemical resistance so can be used for chemical tank liners.​
  • Exhibits high energy radiation resistance.

Available with Pigment

  • For applications requiring colour or ease of identification

Available with Surface Treatment for Bonding​

  • Bondable surface on one or both sides of the film