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ETFE Films

Exceptional Properties & Multiple Applications

ETFE Films are high-performance fluoropolymer films manufactured by Airtech Advanced Materials Group. These films provide exceptional properties, including optical transparency, heat resistance, chemical resistance, non-stick properties, light weight plus excellent mechanical properties.​​
Airtech Advanced Materials Group has been a manufacturer of high performance films for 50 years with extrusion production locations in America, Europe and Asia.

Gauge Thickness & Width Availability

Airtech offers ETFE films with thickness from 0.0005” to 0.012” (12µm to 300µm), with standard width of 60” (1.52m). Thinner gauge 0.001” (25µm) films are available up to 120” (3.05m) wide. Thicker gauge films up to 0.012” (300µm) are available up to 70” (1.8m) wide.

Airtech ETFE films are used for a wide range of applications such as: